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Dynamic showcase for Chile’s main cultural center

How does GAM’s cultural experience translate into digital?

GAM is the main public cultural space in Chile. It hosts a large number of activities such as theater, dance, installations, and exhibitions. Located on the Alameda, the main avenue of Santiago, it is located in a historic building built for the Third World Conference on Trade and Development of the United Nations, Unctad III in 1972. Today it is the door of the Barrio Lastarria, a hotbed of independent culture and trade. as well as international tourism.

However, many people are not aware of the diversity of its cultural offer, and have a very limited vision of the activities that are carried out.

We led a strategic design process, first interviewing representatives of the many groups that converge in GAM, including its own employees, young lovers of street dance and K-pop, families in search of cultural panoramas for their children, adults who love theater and dance, visual artists, among others. /actividad.

A consensus was reached on a vision for the website that would enable it to express the complex and multidimensional character of GAM, as well as mesh with the active presence it has on other platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, together with an easy-to-use calendar and mini-sites that the GAM team can create autonomously without needing external support.